TelEm pays tribute to veteran employees during annual celebration

TelEm Group jubilees going on pension, and marking 20, 25, and 35 years of service, were honored by management and the Human Resources & Development Department in the presence of their families, friends and colleagues during the company’s annual Jubilee celebration at IZI Restaurant, Friday, August 12.

POND ISLAND – “Small and Sweet” was how veteran employees described last Friday’s Jubilee celebration at Izi Restaurant in Simpson Bay.

Nine Jubilees were present to take their place in the spotlight with tributes from their colleagues, managers, directors, friends and members of their family present.

The highest accolades were reserved for this year’s retirees Cherrelyn Jermain and Margarita Hodge. Jermain went on retirement earlier this year, and Hodge will go on pension in six weeks’ time.

Both were thanked by Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Brian Mingo, and by Senior Account Manager Lucrecia Lynch, for outstanding service over the years and for their dedication to customers of TelEm Group.

Both were advised not to be strangers of the company that they have in worked most of their lives, and that they would continue to be ambassadors for TelEm Group while they entered new phases of their lives.

The ceremony on Friday afternoon, August 12, started with an introduction of all the veteran workers by Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Helma Etnel. Referring to celebrants by name, Etnel praised each for their respective contribution, thanking their families for allowing them to spend most of their working lives in the presence of their colleagues.

“You have all made outstanding contributions and continue to make outstanding contributions to your company, and on behalf of Management and the rest of your colleagues, I personally want to thank you all for those contributions,” said Etnel.

TelEm Group’s Technical Department was well represented Friday, in the form of 35-year-old veteran worker Alberto Carty, who was described by his manager Julian Lake, and his Director Eldert Louisa, as a soft-spoken and gentle worker, who played an important part in building the technical infrastructure at sister Company Smitcoms NV, and most recently, also at TelEm Group.

Manager Customer Relations Veronica Browne could not be present at the ceremony, however, her written words of praise to honour employees Careen Jones (25 years in service) and Lead Customer Relations Suraj Ramdas, (20 years) were greeted with warm enthusiasm from those attending the ceremony.

Also honoured for 20 years in service were: CCO Mingo, Remigius Macaya, recently promoted to Technician Level II in the NOC center, and Lead Customer Service Representative Doris Richardson.

Rounding off the list of Jubilees for the year was Billing Officer Luanne Murray, with 25 years in service all of which has been in the Billing Department with one short stop in Customer Relations.

Everyone thanked the Human Resources and Development team for another smooth ceremony and for ensuring the company’s cherished workers are once again recognized for their contributions and efforts over the years.