SMCU: Reopen vacancy of CEO function


POND ISLAND, Sint Maarten — The SMCU would like to make a clarification regarding the decision by Prime Minister William Marlin to ask members of the Corporate Governance Council to make their positions available. The SMCU would also like to make mention of the situation pertaining to the Supervisory Board of Directors and TelEm Group illegally registered statuary directors.

The Prime Minister has the wrong notion that members of the Corporate Governance Council (CGC) leaked information to the unions on matters related to an advice on the candidate(s) for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TelEm Group.

At no time did SMCU claim to have obtained any information or advice from members of the Corporate Governance Council. The union has neither a relationship nor any affiliation with the CGC. The only statement by the SMCU was pertaining to a resolution signed by 72 employees of TelEm Group requesting to reopen the vacancy for the CEO position and allowing employees to apply for the CEO function.

What deserves immediate attention, is the supervisory board of directors of TelEm that currently has only 3 board members instead of the required minimum of 5. This is alarming because, of the 3 members, 1 could be the next CEO, which would bring the board down to 2 members. The shareholder representative should have already recruited new members to undergo screenings. The SMCU sincerely hopes the process of screening new candidates has already begun.

Also deserving of immediate attention, is the fact that the articles of incorporation of TelEm Group do not correspond with what is registered at the Chamber of Commerce. The articles of incorporation indicate 2 statuary directors, who are the CEO and the CFO. However, there are 3 statuary directors registered at the Chamber of Commerce. These changes at the Chamber of Commerce appear to have been done without being notarized. It is because of this illegal situation and for the sake of transparency that the SMCU and its members are requesting to re-open the vacancy of the CEO function.

The positions of the board of directors and managing team of TelEm are the positions that should immediately be made available based on the above mentioned illegal situation.