Sint Maarten man loses life after bike accident in Curacao

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WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – On Thursday August 18th 2016 at around 10:00PM, Curacao police received notification of an accident that took place on Schottegat weg (road) North, in the vicinity of Vanddis Rio Canario Gas Station in Curacao.

Ikel Sherandym Siegerd Leonora
Ikel Sherandym Siegerd Leonora

On the arrival of the Police they noticed that it was an accident involving a bike that was on the Schottegat weg North heading in the direction of Biesheuvel.

According to eyewitness on the scene, the moment that the bike rider approached the entrance to the gas station, he turned to his right and for unknown reasons the rider hit into the side walk located below a Billboard sign.

The rider of the bike suffered multiple fractures.

After the paramedic attended to him he was transported to the St. Elizabeth Hospital Emergency Room. Later that night the driver died.

The biker rider who was identified by the police is Mr. Ikel Sherandym Siegerd Leonora born in Sint Maarten on August 7th 1991.

Ikel Sherandym Siegerd Leonora 2
Photo Credit La Prensa / Ultimo Notisia Newspaper
Ikel Sherandym Siegerd Leonora (3)
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