Police investigate armed robberies

Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson

PHILIPSBURG – The Special Robbery Unit is presently investigating two armed robberies, which took place on Saturday, August 27.

One robbery took place at approximately 10:00pm at the Garden Bar and Restaurant on Sucker Garden Road where two unknown men armed with guns and their faces covered forced themselves into the establishment and took an undisclosed sum of cash. After committing the act the suspects fled on foot.

The second robbery took place shortly after, at 10:35pm, at Victor’s Mini Market on A.Th. Illidge Road where two armed men armed with guns entered the establishment and threatened to use their weapons if no cooperation was given. One of the suspects took an undisclosed sum of cash from the register after which both suspects fled the scene on foot.

The armed robberies that have taken place over the last month were mainly committed at Chinese restaurants and supermarkets located in the Cole Bay and Sucker Garden areas.

The Police Department is taking this opportunity to inform the general public, all businesses and in particular the owners of Chinese restaurants and supermarkets to take all necessary precautions to prevent becoming a victim of crime, and in particular a victim of armed robbery.

The following tips should be taken into account:

If a robbery does take place, here are some things you can do to make it easier for the police to catch the robber:

– Stay calm;

– Don’t be a hero, your life is worth more than your money;

– Take a good look at the robber. Make mental notes about the robber. Give the dispatcher all the details you can remember about the robber(s) so the police patrols on the street can start an investigation immediately;

– Note the direction of the robber when they leave;

– Try to get a description of the vehicle, if the robber uses one;

– Call 911 as soon as possible;

– If there are any witnesses, ask them to remain with you until the police arrive. If they can’t, get their name, address and phone number;

– Go to the nearest police station to file a report;

– Log on to your “find my phone” service, try to locate the phone and tell the police about your findings.

The Police Department is also asking anyone in the community who may have information regarding these investigations or any other investigation, to call the Police anonymous tip line #9300 or the police station at: +1721-542-2222 extension 213, 214, 215.