Sint Maarten let’s not be distracted!! Let us take our eyes off the regular, mundane political nitpicking, kleptocracy and nepotism that is taking place in our Island for a moment and let us look to the future with objective eyes to see what is coming.

If we continue to overlook and neglect the bigger picture St. Maarten will end up like many other nations that have turned a blind eye to the realities of their present state and have ended up forfeiting the bright future that is to be had by developing a progressive vision for the Nation! Let us not wait for a disaster to bring us together as a people.

As it stands we are susceptible to acts of terror, inflation, poverty, civil unrest, epidemics and bomb threats. The truth is that we have failed to enforce proper security measures to ensure the safety of our people and those visiting our friendly island. Let me ask the question: How safe are we?

How do you inject hope in a hopeless community, how do you lift up the head of St Maarteners who feel betrayed by their own government. Our problems are plenty and we are facing an uncertain future: governmentally, economically, socially, financially and spiritually. The one thing we know is that we need the next government to emulate:  forgiveness, tolerance, love and altruism which is putting the needs of the people above your own!!

Let us put our energies to fighting for the people of St. Maarten and not each other. All that the people of St. Maarten really want from those postulating themselves for the upcoming election is HEART! You cannot lead who you do not love!! St. Maarten people are smart people, they know who is only talking the talk and who is walking the walk!! St. Maarten: elect “true representation”, namely people who will serve YOU for a change!! “True representation, is when one man can tell another man’s story with the same passion and heart“ Tell them Mully say so!!

By: Mulrose Rogers-Toulon

S.M.C.P. Candidate