Dr. Petit did not filed an official complaint as yet

Dr Michel Petit

~ What the prosecutor receive was a letter from Dr. Petit ~

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten – Contrary what is been published and aired in the local media houses that Dr. Petit has filed an official Complaint at the Public Prosecutor Office and Attorney General office, 721news has contacted the two offices to confirm if it is so.

The Public Prosecutor spokesman Gino Bernadina has confirmed to 721news that an official complaint was not filed. What he can confirm to us is that the Prosecutor and Attorney General Offices have received a letter from Dr. Petit and that the two offices are busy going thru it. When we ask if he can go into detail about the letter, He declined.

The spokesman also said that the Public Prosecutor office wants to stress that to file an official complaint on an organization, Foundation or any other individual the first step is to go to the Police / Detective and there file your complaint. In case you’re not satisfied with the police service then you can approach the Prosecutor office. But the first step is going to the police to file your official complaint.

When we asked if any criminal investigations will come as a result of this letter, Bernadina said “The prosecutor office is busy studying the content of the letter, and that the first step to file an official complaint is to go to the Police/Detective first.”

Earlier Dr. Petit had stated that he would announce when he filed the complaint.