DP is dedicated to being responsible


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — With the people of St. Maarten experiencing an election less than two years ago, the Democratic Party has taken the position to go back to its roots of what campaigning on St. Maarten was all about by bringing back a more intimate setting for district meetings.

Rather than hosting the highly criticized public meetings, which have become more of an entertainment event, DP is more concerned with interacting with the residents of each district while listening to and addressing their concerns.

The meetings will be held during reasonable hours and there will be no huge speakers disrupting the neighborhoods and especially parents with young children. In addition, DP will take the high the road and not engage in mudslinging, which seem to go hand in hand with public meetings.

DP has been around for 62 years and prides itself on the fact that we listen to the people. Our country is hurting socially and economically. The people are frustrated with the instability in Government, and this unforeseen election is considered a burden in already challenging times.

These district meetings will be more of a social gathering allowing community members to meet the candidates and engage in discussions on the real issues affecting the people. The first district contact meeting will be this Friday in Sucker Garden by Leslie’s Bar (Beauty Crystal Restaurant) on the main road.

Members of the community are encouraged to come out, listen to the DP candidates speak about the issues and the DP’s vision, but also share their concerns. “We will be paying keen attention to your concerns and making note of them. At each district meeting we will have a red cloth spread out where people can write down their wishes for Country St. Maarten,” said MP Wescot-Williams, Leader of the Democratic Party.

She further stated that, “the candidates on the DP slate are a group of dedicated person, dedicated to seeing change in this country. They have fresh, new ideas and I have the experience to guide them and make sure that ideas and plans can become a reality. St. Maarten cannot afford to experiment. We need a party with the experience that knows how to get the job done, but still allows for new ideas and solutions to thrive.”