Challenger makes board member positions available


~Humbly asks Country to take the Challenge and have a say~

PHILIPSBURG – Jimmy Challenger, who recently announced during PJD2 radio interviews with Wendell Moore and Lady Grace, that he would be participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections has moved another step after his postulation on the National Alliance slate as candidate # 13, by making his board position available on various non-profit organizations that were established to enhance education, health care and the general wellbeing of the community.

Challenger stated: “In light of my quest to be elected by the people and humbly serve in the next parliament of St. Maarten, I have made my position as a member of the board of MHF, SXM Red Cross and No Kidding with Our Kids Foundation available to their respective Presidents. The decision was one made in consultation to ensure a smooth transition as we begin the process of finding suitable replacements. This step would allow for good corporate governance compliance, while at the same time make room for other professionals to serve in these vital organizations. Furthermore, I would be able to concentrate on a campaign that will ask the voters to take the challenge and have a say at the polls for National Alliance candidate 13.”

The St. Maarten Red Cross plays an integral role in (hurricane) disaster management, and is part of a wider network of the Netherlands Red Cross and other international Red Cross organs. The MHF serves as a  key component of the health care system on the island, while the No Kidding with our Kids Foundation is one of the long standing after school activities programs, offering a place for young students to be constructively active outside of regular school hours.