St. Maarten stunts British Virgin Islands in their path


ECVA men’s under 23 volleyball 2016 Match 7

Article by Winston Duncan

Team of Dutch Saint Marrten during the national anthem against British Virgin IslandsANTIGUA — St. Maarten shook off the dust of defeat to win match 7 against British Virgin Islands (B.V.I) with a score of 25, 23; 25, 22; 25, 19.   While both side traded barbs, St. Maarten was able to weather the storm, thanks to solid defense and good offense.

St. Maarten’s middle player, Shaquille Rombley (8) played head and shoulders over his adversaries as he scored at will.  His teammate Shawn Gumbs (4) was also very effective regardless to what position he attacked from the court.

Paul Mourillon of Virgin Islands spiks against Dutch Saint Marrten 02Though the British Virgin Islands lost, they showed lots of audacity as they fought until the end.  Team captain Joseph beckoned his team to do better and they responded in the positive.  Captain Joseph was well supported by Paul Mourillon (1) and Tyler Jackson (5), who played like there was no tomorrow.

Team Coach and Captain of ST. Maarten felt the game was an improvement.  However, they were not satisfied with the level of execution, though they passed better and the setter was able to distribute the ball more.   This win is a welcomed boost to team moral and will carry the team into the next game tomorrow.

Evander Blijden of Dutch Saint Marrten sets against British Virgin Islands_ 01The British Virgin Islands Captain, Mikey Joseph conceded the opposition was the superior team.  The game also highlighted areas that could be worked on such as passing and offensive plays.   Coach Stephan Payne indicated a short preparation time impacted team performance.  Barring that fact team BVI had too many unforced errors which made the difference in the match.  Pictures by Ernesto Beltre

Celebration of Dutch Saint Marrten against Britsh Virgin Islands_ 01

Celebration of Virgin Islands against Dutch Saint Marrten 01

Derrick Tidort of Dutch Saint Marrten serves against Britsh Virgin Islands_ 01

Juwon Hans of Dutch Saint Marrten receives against British Virgin Islands_ 01

Shaquille Rombley of Dutch Saint Marrten spikes against Britsh Virgin Islands_ 01