DP to start radio program ‘Voice of DP’


PHILIPSBURG – Voice of DP can be heard weekly on 98.1 Pearl FM, starting Tuesday, August 2, from 5:30pm-6:30 pm

Voice of DP will provide the St. Maarten electorate with vital information on the electoral process, and give them an opportunity to ask questions on a variety of issues. Interviews will be conducted with stakeholders as well as DP candidates.

“My aim is the same as it was when airing a similar program going into the election of 2014. It is important that we all have clear and accurate information about the electoral process itself; knowledge of how things proceed under existing rules and regulations can keep us from getting caught up in the rhetoric and hype associated with all elections,” said DP leader Sarah Wescott-Williams.

Asked for an example, the DP leader said, “During the election campaign of 2014, promises were made for ministerial positions and the like. As harmless as that may have seemed, it eventually led to much frustration, discontentment and suspicions on the part of the public and eroded the already low level of trust in politicians overall.”

“I stated back then that in parliamentary elections you vote for the 15 members of parliament. A coalition of parties forming the majority will decide jointly which factions will appoint which ministers; those persons may come from any sector, provided that they pass the screening/vetting process and such persons may or may not have run in the parliamentary elections,” she explained.

“Yet, until today, one of the biggest recurring complaints I hear is about the appointment of (prime) ministers who did not even run for office. These are the kinds of issues and questions that will be answered and addressed on the program. We hope that the general public will tune in to Voice of DP, if only to stay informed, get their questions about government and the parliamentary system answered, and have clarity on what is to come in accordance with the law,” Wescott-Williams concluded.

Questions may be emailed prior to the day of the program each week to: thevoiceofdp@gmail.com.