WIN holds Nurse Empowerment session


PHILIPSBURG – On May 10, the University of St. Martin’s (USM) School of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (SCELL)’s Women’s Island Network (WIN) held a Nurse Empowerment Session.

Vice President of WIN Adelena Schaap was the instructor. The empowerment session was given to the nurses in light of the Nurses Week celebrations entitled: “Winning at Life.” Schaap explained that the secret to winning at life is power.

“The power that is necessary to be able to influence an individual or a group. Nurses need the power to influence patients, physicians, other health care professionals, as well as each other,” she stated. She explained that a powerless nurse is an ineffective nurse, and nurses that are dissatisfied with their job are more susceptible to burnouts. She also stressed how important it was to motivate each other as a team.

Some nurses shared why they chose their profession. Nurse Meandra, Vice President of the Nurses Association, said that her mother told her she needed to be a nurse and so she followed her mother’s instructions. However, she fell in love with being a nurse. She said the most satisfying part of her job is seeing patients go from being in critical condition, to walking out of the hospital in better shape, knowing that she was able to contribute to the recovery.

Participants of the session said:

“Reminds me of my worth. Thank you for the appreciation. Delivered the talk well and engaging” – Nurse Mae.

“I love when professionals come together and inspire each other greatly. Love it!” – Nurse Meandra.

“It shows you that in our profession we have different age groups interacting with each other positively. We have a voice, in some countries they don’t have a voice especially women. Communication and respect is very important.” – Nurse Mavis.

Director of SCELL and Founder of WIN stated: “SCELL supports all of our programs which directly educate and enrich the community. The value of St. Maarten nurses is immeasurable; they are critical contributing professionals of our society. We are proud of Mrs. Schaap and her efforts to facilitate the Empowerment session. It showcases WIN’s commitment to the St. Maarten community as a whole. USM/SCELL continues to be a leader in advocating professional development throughout the Caribbean.”