TelEm to install fiber optic technology in Indigo Green homes


POND ISLAND – TelEm Fiber, a branding offshoot of the TelEm Group of companies, announced Thursday, June 2, the signing of an agreement to connect luxury homes in the Indigo Green Development to state-of-the-art fiber optic technology.

The agreement between TelEm Fiber and Indigo Green Development B.V. has been weeks in the making and will start with the connection of 25 homes to a brand new fiber optic network that will eventually span the entire Dutch side.

On behalf of TelEm Fiber, during a signing ceremony in Cay Bay, Thursday, was Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Brian Mingo with Rene Lepine signing on behalf of Indigo Green Development B.V.

Mingo said the fiber that will be running into Indigo Green will utilize proprietary techniques that will provide superior connectivity to homes starting at 25MBs to 100MBs once the network is fully installed.

“I want to thank Indigo Green Development and Mr. Lepine for having confidence and trust in us to deliver this new technology to his high-end development,” said Mingo, who also thanked his TelEm Fiber team for working hard to convince the developer and homeowners in the development to be among the first to sign up.

“We have a great team on board who are as excited as I am to revolutionize telecommunication on St. Maarten and take it to a whole new level with fiber optic technology,” said Mingo.

“We are fortunate to have carried out some pilot projects around the island during the past year so we have already ironed out many of the expected installation bugs that would otherwise slow down an island-wide roll out of this size and scope. We plan to begin with projects like Indigo Green while we are connecting districts one at a time to a pre-defined schedule until the entire island is pulsing with our fiber optic cables to the homes and to the businesses,” continued Mingo.

The CCO said the possibilities for business, for the island, for education and for leisure will be endless once TelEm Fiber is fully rolled out throughout St. Maarten.

“With fiber technology comes smart technology. It means having apps that monitor your home, your car, even your health apps and devices that provide information on where you eat, or play or enjoy yourself. Everything and anything involving communication is all at your fingertips,” continued Mingo.

He said the only concern at this stage will be meeting the demand of customers and especially high-end business concerns such as Indigo Green Development B.V. once the roll-out program is fully deployed.

Representative of Indigo Green Development B.V. Lepine said if TelEm is taking steps to bring the island up to the rest of the world in terms of telecommunications, he is wholly supportive of this.

“We have clients at Indigo Green Development who are above average in their expectations and needs and their requests in terms of bandwidth and we expect TelEm Fiber to take these clients’ experiences to a level of telecommunication that is the same as, if not superior to what they have in the United States or Canada,” said Lepine.

He said he was very proud that Indigo Green Development B.V. will be the first new community of its size to get fiber in place, and once again wished TelEm Fiber much success in its endeavors.