TelCell Father’s Day SMS prize-winners enjoy unforgettable experiences


IMG_3047-001PHILIPSBURG – Proud dads, Victor Peterson, Danny Hassell, Nigel Leslie and Herman Cramer, showed their skills and appreciation for the fun things in life on land, at sea and in the air as a belated Father’s Day SMS raffle treat courtesy of TelCell.

TelCell Father’s Day SMS prize winners collected their fun prizes during the weekend and all agreed that their day of adventure was a blast.

Peterson, Hassell, Leslie and Cramer made it a Dad’s day to remember Saturday, June 25, by hopping on a plane ride, touring the island on 4×4 quads, scaling the zip-lines at Loterie Farm and whizzing at high speed on jet skis in the Great Bay area. Fifth prize-winning dad Saintart Jean Eddy unfortunately could not join the party on that day.

The dads had time for lunch and a toast with TelCell organizers and coordinators at the end of the day.

IMG_3009-001According to one of the fathers Hassell, the series of events “gives you a different appreciation for all that the island has to offer visitors and residents alike. You get a totally different perspective of the kind of fun activities that are all around us waiting to be enjoyed.”

All the dads thanked TelCell for a great SMS promotion, which gave new meaning to Father’s Day for them, and also to the loved ones and family members who nominated them for the winning prizes.

Coordinator Grisha Marten said the day began well and ended on a high note for the dads, who like the mums a few weeks before, were able to enjoy an extra treat for Father’s Day this year because of the TelCell promotions for both occasions.

“The mothers appreciated what was done for them, but I think the dads appreciated it even more because they often complain they are forgotten, but certainly not this time,” joked Marten.

She said TelCell customers can look out for more fun promotions in the coming months and especially with the run-up to Christmas, when other SMS offers and raffles will be up for grabs.