SZV: Concerns about medical referrals abroad


PHILIPSBURG – Social and Health Insurances SZV would like to address the concerns of customers and the general public regarding the procedures for medical referral abroad.

Medical referral abroad for SZV insured could be an option when there is no alternative for treatment on the island. “SZV would like to assure its customers that the policies and procedures currently in place are to safeguard the quality of care and well-being of our customers,” SZV said in a release.

“It is important to ensure that we refer customers to contracted medical institutions/specialists and work together with trusted service partners. SZV strives to communicate the conditions and protocols regarding medical referrals abroad as best as possible to our customers,” the statement continued.

“We also count on the responsibility of our customers to be informed before travel and conduct themselves responsibly when abroad. This for own health and safety reasons. We do acknowledge that not all customer experiences are the same and with the given feedback we are continuously striving to improve this service as well,” the release explained.

If abroad on medical referral and in need, “we encourage our customers to seek contact with the relevant international representative(s) or contact us directly via our website, e-mail:, Facebook messenger: or phone +1(721) 546-6782.