No relief on appeal for casino robber Kerby Degrammond


Today Newspaper Court Story

GREAT BAY – The Common Court of Justice confirmed on appeal the 6 year prison sentence against Kerby Degrammond for his role in the armed robbery at the Atlantis (now Starz) Casino in Cupecoy on November 16, 2014, whereby the robbers had dressed up as women and took $28,775 from the cage. In the process they shot a security guard in his leg.

Degrammond, who was 18 at the time of the robbery, when  had appealed the verdict, but he found no relief at the hands of the 3-judge panel.

His attorney Marlon Hart told the appeals court that there was not enough evidence to hold his client also responsible for complicity to firearm possession and use.

The court considered however that the robbery was committed by a close-knit group that operated based on a plan. Three of the robbers had dressed up as women and they were in the casino until the moment was right to commit their crime.

The court ruled that the defendant made such a significant contribution to the robbery that complicity, also for the possession and the use of the firearm, is plausible.