MP Lake: The Coalition didn’t leave me out in the cold


I know it is an election year and the opposition is trying very hard to twist a lot of stories to confuse the people.

I have taken note of the UP Faction Leader in Parliament MP Frankie Meyers saying that the coalition left me out in the cold, which is far from the truth.

The Coalition of Eight has a lot of confidence in the Minister of VROMI and supports the draft ordinance law to put a sustainable balance between the environment and development.

Based on climate change we need to be careful how we excavate the hillside to prevent mudslides. We can see the effects of the Weymouth Hill, Mary’s Fancy, Saunders hillside, Simpson Bay lagoon and Valley Estate projects, which is very dangerous when it rains in those areas.

Do you think the opposition will vote for this draft law? They don’t care about the environment.

The statement that at no time when part of UP was I left standing by myself or out in the cold is not true. I was left out on the cold many times and looked at as a threat with my back to basics approach as a Minister. I hit the ground running too fast and was looked at as a threat.

MP Frans Richardson and the other MPs did notify me prior to the meeting. This coalition I know cares about us. I have a great relationship with the Leader of the US party because he puts our people first and looks out for the general interest of St. Maarten.

The main question is will the UP MPs vote for the draft law in the next meeting and look out for the general interest of the people?

We need to start making firm decisions for the general interest of the community instead of self-interest to move St. Maarten forward.