MP Emmanuel questions VSA Minister Lee on collective dismissal at Maho


PHILIPSBURG – On June 12, Member of Parliament (MP) Christopher Emmanuel was contacted by a group of fifteen concerned employees of the Maho group.

During a meeting with them, he was informed by the employees that on June 9, they received a combined termination and new contract document.

In addition to the aforementioned document, staff also received a memo from the Assistant General Manager Jack Schultz, who indicated that all employees would be terminated by the current employer and transferred to a new company effective June 13.

MP Emmanuel, through the Chairlady of Parliament submitted a formal request to Minister of VSA Emil Lee, requesting to be provided with answers to the following questions:

  • Has a request for collective dismissal been submitted by the Maho Group of companies to the Labour Department?
  • How many employees is the Maho Group seeking to dismiss?
  • Has the Labour Department granted permission to the Maho Group for collective dismissal?
  • Has the Labour Department formally informed the employees of its decision to grant the Maho group permission for collective dismissal?
  • As per which date has collective dismissal been granted to the Maho Group?

Jack Schultz

MP Emmanuel noted, “I am very much concerned with the manner in which the developments are taking place.” He was also informed that several hotel employees were intimidated into signing the document that was provided to them.

The MP informed the employees that the matter has his full attention and he will request that Minister Lee urgently look into these developments, for they go against the principles of “Collectief Ontslag & Toestemming beëindiging arbeidsovereenkomst” of the civil code.

Emmanuel also questioned the role of the employee representatives (union WICSU) in this matter.

For the memo received by the staff on June 9, indicated that the union was in agreement with the collective dismissal of staff.