Minister of VROMI Meyers Invites Dutch Quarter and Middle Region Residents to Public Hearing on June 28


GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Infrastructure and Environment (Ministry VROMI) Angel Meyers invites all stakeholders to a public hearing with respect to the preliminary draft development plans, commonly known as zoning plans, for the Dutch Quarter and Middle Region areas on June 28th, starting at 7.00PM in the Belvedere community center.

Thus far, three other draft zoning plans were officially placed on public review, pursuant to a public hearing.

The Ministry of VROMI will continue with the public hearings and public reviews for the other plans in a phased manner, commencing with Dutch Quarter and Middle Region. Two prior rounds of town hall meetings facilitated the preparation of these plans. The public hearing is the first formal step in the legislative procedure to establish the zoning plans.

The zoning plans, which will be presented during the hearing, consists of an elucidation, a map with common zoning designations such a ‘residential’ and ‘center’ and land-use and building regulations applicable thereto. The zoning plans have the following purposes:  to provide a legal framework for possible future development, to designate and/or reserve land for desired use, to prevent undesired development and to offer legal security to residents and developers about future development.

Minister Meyers encourages all stakeholders and residents to attend the public hearing and voice their opinions. The public hearing will be followed by a 30 day period of public review of the draft zoning plans, which will be announced accordingly.