Let’s help Tom Burnett and little leaguers team reach Canada


tom 6-001Editor’s Note:
As a united community let’s help Tom Burnett and the young little leaguers team reach Canada.
I would like to suggest that if we can get 5 family members, friends or co-workers to donate $20 each, together as a good community we can easily reach $100, and deposit it in an envelope and drop it off at Tom’s job.
Tom Burnett is the sport writer at the The Daily Herald newspaper.
Our $20 is a blessing to a good cause, to get our youngsters to this important summer baseball camp in Canada.

If you can make this $3,000 donation in one shot, you will be a blessing to this trip!

A Gofundme account was opened and you can also donate via the gofundme, with the use of your credit card.

The GoFund link is: https://www.gofundme.com/27jwzp7g.

Gromyko Wilson (721news.com)

~The Dream Reward!~

tom 5-001PHILIPSBURG – The children of Player Development SXM have been working hard to raise money for their trip to Canada, to improve their grades at school, to behave well and to become better baseball players.

The group has raised US $3,000. They collected rocks, polished them in their rock tumbler, glued them to a magnet, and sold the rocks as refrigerator decorations. They collected coffee cans, painted them, drilled holes in them and sold them as hurricane lanterns.

However, with just three weeks before the airfare for the August trip is due, the team is short of funds. “We need to raise an additional US $3,000,” Burnet said.

tom 4-001Player Development SXM is an afterschool program for at-risk children. “We are a branch of the St. Maarten Little League. Player Development SXM focuses on building self-confidence, academic skills, and a love of learning in youth from challenged backgrounds.

We offer a safe place for children to come after school, or on Saturdays or holidays to play sports, work on homework, do arts and crafts and explore basic science concepts. This is a free program available for any child or young person, open six days a week,” a release from Player Development stated.

“We take in boys and girls that need help and provide volunteers to work with the children. The youth range in age from 5 to 23. (The 5-year-old is the little brother of an 11-year-old player who must care for his brother as there is no one at home in the afternoons) The 23-year-old is a former player, who is going back to school to take the GED and knows he can get some tutoring at the field,” explained the release.

tom 3-001“We have a gym, a reading center and an interactive science lab at the Player Development Center. We have many volunteers from the community that come to help read with the children or teach life skills such as counting money or telling time. Three of our volunteers have been trained and certified by the Court Of Guardianship to teach Aggression Replacement Training, which helps the youths learn to deal with their anger in a clear-thinking and responsible way.

Each child has to complete three pieces of work before beginning his or her baseball practice. Positive re-enforcement and one-on-one attention are the tools we use to help the children learn and grow. Children are rewarded for their efforts with a baseball card for their collections,” the press statement concluded.

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