Inspectorate Ministry TEATT reminds Taxi, Bus and Tour Bus Permit Holders about Conduct and Responsibilities


taxi_stand_sign_3378-001GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – The Inspectorate of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), would like to remind all taxi, bus and tour bus permit holders of the following with regards to their conduct and responsibilities while engaging in public transportation services and the technical condition of their motor vehicles.

Pursuant to the National Decree of Public Transportation AB 2013, GT no.112.

This list is not comprehensive.

1)      You are obligated to be properly dressed at all times.

2)      You are prohibited from treating passengers rudely and uncommonly.

3)      You are prohibited from drinking alcohol or having alcohol in your possession while during while you are in service.

4)      You are prohibited from smoking, to have cigar, cigarette or pipe in your mouth while transporting passengers.

5)      You are prohibited from hailing, calling or using any other annoying means/hindrance to attract the attention of passengers.

6)      You are prohibited from transporting more passengers than allowed on your motor vehicle inspection certificate.

7)      You are prohibited to be in an obvious state of drunkenness while transporting passengers.

You are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle:

  1. a)      that is not in a technically well-maintained and sanitary condition
  2. b)      has one or more seats which are defective;
  3. c)       does not have all windows made of safety glass;
  4. d)      does not have a spare tire in a good and usable condition with adequate tools for changing a wheel.

In addition, Taxi Dispatchers are charged with the responsibility to enforce the coordinated and fair distribution of taxi fares at official taxi stands using the public transportation ordinance as an enforcement tool.

Taxi drivers who violate the National Ordinance on Public Transportation, the National Decree on Public Transportation or who fail to follow the lawful instructions of the Taxi Dispatcher (who is charged with the responsibility to uphold the law) will be subject to sanctions.

It is in everyone’s best interest that law and order be maintained and respected to ensure that all users of public transportation can safely make use of it.

Persons who have questions or concerns may email the Inspectorate at, call us +1721 542-4511-09 or visit us at Tamarindesteeg #16, Philipsburg (Yellow Building).