Education On The Move (EOM) launches Banner Campaign


PHILIPSBURG – Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Silveria Jacobs officially launched the EOM banner campaign along with Education On The Move (EOM) project manager Angelique Martis-Romou, and partners the Sister Borgia School and the Windward Islands Bank (WIB).

The Education On The Move Campaign is an educational campaign where all educational stakeholders and the community of St. Maarten will be involved. The campaign’s objective is to get everyone engaged and talking about the importance of Education and to see and envision the benefits it will harvest.

The Banner campaign is another arm of the EOM campaign. The idea behind the banner campaign is to get all 27 schools on the Dutch side to design a banner that depicts Education on the Move, and then a business could offer their support by purchasing the banner from the school. The banner exhibits that the school and the business are on the move with Education. The school will then exhibit the banner at the entrance of the school so that the public can see the EOM banner.

The first school to complete their banner was the Sister Borgia School and WIB was the first business to support this school’s banner, “which shows that they are not only our partner in progress, but also that they are on the move with Education,” a release stated.

The banner for Sister Borgia School was designed by student Devonte Hughes, who was assisted by teacher Marjorie Breinburg and teacher Francesca Letang, who digitalized the banner. Student Pedro Rosario wrote the tag line. The banner reads: “Education is important because it can take you anywhere in life.”

There is also the t-shirt campaign, which is geared towards everyone seeing and becoming familiar with EOM. The t-shirt campaign was launched on June 3, and GEBE was the first company to show their support by having their employees wear the EOM t-shirts every Friday in the month of June.

WIB will be the second business to join the t-shirt campaign, and employees will start wearing their t-shirts on the first working Friday, which July 8.

The EOM campaign’s focal points are: Reading – Drop Everything and Read (DEAR); attending school (Compulsory Education); gaining the knowledge about the multi-faceted educational system; moral formation (parental/guardian involvement); culture, arts and sports in school; men in education and recognition of educators.

For any business to participate in these various campaigns, contact Angelique Martis-Romou at or or Dorothy Richardson at or

In photo from left to right: WIB representative Rolando Tobias, SBES School Manager Edmaira Jacobs, writer of tag line student Pedro Rosario, Teacher Marjorie Breinburg, designer of banner Student Devonte Hughes, Teacher Francesca Letang, Minister ECYS Silveria Jacobs and Project Manager Angelique Romou.