Capacity building certification for NGOs and CCs


PHILIPSBURG – The Capacity Building Program initiated by Community Development, Family and Humanitarian Affairs (CDFHA), within the Ministry of Public Health Social Development and Labour in 2013, went through some meaningful restructuring and since 2015, has collaborated with the University of St. Martin (USM), where accredited courses are given and specifically addressing the works carried out by St. Maarten’s NGOs and Community Councils (CCs).

CDFHA in collaboration with USM has remained committed and consistent in improving the individual as well as organizational performance of the NGOs and CCs, with the sole aim to collectively improve the services to clients, and as such, the St. Maarten Community remains the main beneficiary.

This new exalted level of the Capacity Building Program makes it possible that participants in this project, “Towards an Associate Degree in General Liberal Arts for St. Maarten NGO workers,” consisting of 3 courses that are transferable to 9 academic degree credits, can move towards obtaining an Associate’s Degree In General Liberal Arts at USM.

Eight participants representing, NIA Fnd., WIEMS, Cay Hill Community Council, Edu Care, Community Development, Tzu Chi Fnd., and St. Maarten Aglow Int’l, completed the Introduction to Business Administration course, and were commended for their hard work and perseverance.

Addressing the graduates and invitees during the Award Ceremony were: Dr. Francio Guadeloupe (USM President), Aida Holaman (Dept. Hd. Community Development, Family & Humanitarian Affairs), Omar Becerra (USM Instructor) and Errol Larmonie and Arlene Halley (outstanding participants).

In photo: (from left to right)

Dr. Francio Guadeloupe, Roger Yee Fong, Arlene Halley, Errol Larmonie, Felecita Williams, Clara Reyes, Luanne Sanford-Murray, Omar Beccera, Chadwick Richardson, Sabrina Vrutaal, Elba Flanders and Aida Holaman.