British Airways, Winair Sign Interline Agreement


Source: Caribjournal

In what could be a major boost for travel to the Eastern Caribbean, British Airways and Winair have announced the signing of an interline agreement.

As British Airways serves Antigua, the agreement could be a boon for passengers looking to travel across Winair’s regiona network in the Eastern Caribbean.

“This agreement will further enhance WINAIR’s reach via British Airways London hub to all destinations served by British Airways,” said Michael Cleaver, president and CEO of Winair. “It also puts all WINAIR destinations within reach of British Airways passengers.”

The interline agreement means a passenger can buy one ticket that covers more than one carrier’s leg of the trip — for example, from London to Dominica on British Airways to Antigua and Winair from Antigua to Dominica.

British Airway’s Web site is already reflecting the move, as seen in a sample itinerary from London to Dominica below:

British Airways Dominica

It also means customers can check baggage through directly.

Winair also has interline service agreements with Air France, KLM, Copa Airlines, United, Air Antilles Pawa Dominicana, Liat, Caribbean Airlines, Air Caraibes, Insel Air, Corsair.