Terms of Reference of landfill should be improved


PHILIPSBURG – Minister of Public Health, Social Development, and Labour Emil Lee has asked the Health Inspector General’s Office, and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) to give him an initial opinion on the Terms of Reference for the landfill.

“Their initial feedback is that the Terms of Reference for the landfill could use more specification and detailing. I have met with Minister Angel Meyers with whom I have an excellent relationship, and our assessment is that the terms of Reference can be improved. The improved specifications should help to dramatically reduce the negative impacts of the landfill. VROMI is already working on taking steps to make structured changes to the way the landfill is being maintained,” said Minister Lee.

The Inspectorate General team has met with the contractor, who is working at the landfill, and they are assisting them in terms of following protocols from a health and safety perspective of the workers at the landfill.

“Their report back to me was that the meeting was extremely productive, and that the landfill operator and staff are now within compliance from an occupational health and safety perspective,” informed the Minister.

“VSA is now cooperating with VROMI, and I am confident that with the feedback from external stakeholders, we can find an improvement in the way that the dump is being managed,” Minister Lee stated.