St. Maarten Police Report: 11 scooters controlled and confiscated


ab504a83-ab4b-478c-a2fb-d189f46ec9ed-001PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Sunday, May 15, during the afternoon to evening hours, numerous calls came into the Police Central Dispatch complaining of a large group of motorcycles and scooters driving recklessly, causing a great deal of unnecessary noise, disrupting the peace, and causing public disorder in Philipsburg and surrounding areas.

The riders also were not wearing proper safety gear such as helmets. Police patrols were dispatched in search of the riders. The patrols involved in this control succeeded in stopping a large number of these riders at the top of Cole Bay Hill (Harold Jack) while the others, when they noticed that they were being stopped by police, turned and sped away. As a result of this control, traffic on A.J.C. Brouwer Road was backed-up for a few minutes.

During this control, a total of 11 scooters and motorcycles were confiscated because they did not have any documentation. The riders were all given fines for not having documentation for the vehicles; riding without a license; reckless riding, and for not riding with a helmet.

One of the riders was arrested and brought to the Philipsburg Police Station due to the fact that he had an outstanding fine of NAf. 625 or US $353.10. After paying his fine he was released.

All scooter/motorcycles that were confiscated were taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for safe keeping until the owners could produce all necessary documentation for the vehicles.