Representatives of MOT favor a session behind closed doors


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In a press release the Chairperson of Parliament Mrs Sarah Wescot-Williams explain that she answered the questions asked by MP Tamara Leonard regarding the Parliament meeting with the Financial Intelligence Unit (MOT).

The questions by the MP had to do with the meeting being a closed session, and the MP asked who requested such and who decides.

This meeting, scheduled for Friday, May 20, is being held behind closed doors as requested by the MP, who requested the meeting to be convened, namely MP Theo Heyliger.

This meeting is a Finance committee meeting of Parliament, consisting of several members of Parliament of which MP Heyliger is one.

It is the Chairperson of a Committee of Parliament who sets the agenda of the committee and grants requests for meetings with the respective committees.

It should also be noted that the representatives of the MOT favor a session behind closed doors, which stance I am convinced they will motivate in the committee meeting on Friday.