Hurricane season clean-up to start in Point Blanche, Guana Bay, Sucker Garden and Madame Estate in June and July


GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) – Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), announces that contractor S.M. Green Diamonds N.V. will commence with its hurricane season clean-up campaign in June and July.

The area concerned is Parcel 2.

Clean-up will take place on the following days and on the following streets:

June 25, 26 Point Blanche area: Gold Finch Rd, Pigeon Rd, Peacock Rd, Pelican Rd, Gullin Rd, Chin Cherry Rd;

June 25, 26 Sucker Garden area: Sucker Garden Rd, Arch Rd, Pendant Cactus Rd, The Keys Rd, King of the Seas Rd;

July 2, 3 Guana Bay/Hope Estate area: Guana Bay Rd, Hope Estate Rd, Queen Conch Rd;

July 2, 3 Madame Estate/Over the Pond area: Grenada Rd, Guadeloupe Rd, Watling Rd, Paradise Rd, Madame Estate Rd, A.T. Illidge Rd (Over the Pond).