Gibson: Place monuments in prominent place


PHILIPSBURG – Acting Prime Minister Richard Gibson is calling for the war memorial monuments in the vicinity of the small pier in Philipsburg to be placed in a more prominent location.

Minister Gibson speaking at Wednesday’s, May 4, Council of Ministers press briefing noted that concerns had been raised about the placement of the monuments and the need for them to be placed in a more prominent area.

“The monuments and the plaques that are there were hidden from the public’s view. I know that this issue has been broached in the past where it was also criticized that that’s not the right place for these monuments, and I totally agree,” the Minister said.

Minister Gibson noted that the location is important considering the significance of the monuments in remembering those who fought for their country in World War II. “Those monuments should be visible to everyone everyday in a place that the public passes.

So that the remembrance of those who gave their lives to service of their country, can take place not only once a year in this hidden corner during this ceremony, but on a daily basis. Perhaps moving back the plaques to where they were before, or in a prominent place right in front of this administration building would be more appropriate,” Gibson stated.

He plans to raise this matter with the Council of Ministers.