Fortune still on the loose, justice minister mum


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Three months since Kathron Fortune a.k.a “CUCHI” escaped from the hands of prison guards, the fugitive is still on the loose. On Wednesday at the Council of Ministers press briefing, Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo was quizzed about this by SMN-NEWS journalist Bibi Shaw, to which he tersely replied: “It is not wise to say what we are doing to reach a goal. That is the only (answer) I can give at this moment.”

Grilled further, the minister reiterated his stance, refusing to provide an update on what has been done to bolster security at the prison.

“I respect every question from the press, but I am not willing to give any answers to a question just because of security…that’s why I give my answer so short,” the minister said.

Authorities launched a massive investigation into the daring mid-afternoon escape of convicted murderer Fortune, who fled after being treated at the office of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul de Windt.

Minister Kirindongo explained at the time that the mobilization of the observation and crime teams and the use of intelligence are some of the methods authorities on the Dutch side have been using to locate the escapee.

He said that escaping from prison is punishable of nine years and assisting a prisoner to escape is punishable with a maximum sentence of four years.

Minister Kirindongo also disclosed that two investigations are being conducted into finding Fortune and discover how he escaped.

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