Crime does not pay


PHILIPSBURG – A confiscation order against W.H. and R.H. was brought in front of the judge of the Court of First Instance on Wednesday, May 18.

The Prosecutor’s Office believes that W.H. and R.H. received an illegally obtained profit of US $84,603.59. This is the amount, which was never found after the robbery at Sonesta Great Bay Casino on September 18, 2015. During this robbery US $293,835.28 was stolen, but only US $209,231.69 was retrieved.

W.H. and R.H. were convicted of this robbery on March 16, 2016 to 5 and 4 years imprisonment, respectively. The prosecution believes that the suspects should not financially benefit from the robbery, after all, “crime does not pay.” Therefore they requested that the robbers repay this sum. The court will rule on June 29.