Bigger, better, bundle plans now available at UTS


New packages, bigger savings

Bigger, better bundle packages are now available at UTS following a successful migration of existing postpaid customers to the new plans over the weekend. The new plans are particularly attractive for those interested in the convenience of a monthly bill for their mobile service. The new plans are available as of today and will bring its customers more of everything. More savings, more flexibility, more control, more options, more bang for their buck and more services in one bundle package. The plans unite minutes, mobile internet and SMS to offer postpaid customers the best possible rate for all three of the staples of mobile service. The combination of all three elements allows the customer to get the most out of their phone and brings much greater savings.

The customer in control

The simplicity and transparency of the plans is what makes them so attractive. Customers can choose a combination of minutes, texts and mobile internet based on what they expect to use on a monthly basis. They can also check how much they have used so far at any given time by sending a simple SMS to check their balance (BUNDLE VAL to 5454). This puts the customer in complete control of their mobile expenses. If they need more minutes or mobile internet than they expected, they can always add additional if needed. They also have the flexibility to switch to another plan that better suits their needs if they so desire. “Our new plans will truly change the way the customer experiences a subscription service on St. Maarten. The cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all plans will no longer be the norm. You design the plan that best suits YOU. This concept derives from our vision as a company; which is to connect our customer to the things that are important to them; whether social media, entertainment or productivity, we can make it happen. These plans are an example of that commitment to the customer. With 8 flexible cost saving plans to choose from and the optional ad-ons, we have a plan to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a low-commitment solution or if you’re a heavy user that spends hours daily using your phone; we’ve got the right fit.”

Available to new & existing customers

UTS’ customers with existing postpaid plans were automatically transitioned to the new plans as well. This in accordance with information provided to them in advance by UTS’ Blue team which was specifically dedicated to their needs.  “This migration actually went faster than anticipated and was completed at 3am last Saturday morning. So far customers are delighted with the fact that they can check their remaining balances of minutes, data and SMS. This makes everything much more transparent and puts the customer in control of his or her spending.” says Ivy Lambert, UTS Marketing & Communication officer. “The added option of adding an additional bundle of data capacity, SMS and minutes is also a feature they are excited about because they know exactly what they are spending and when adding additional data or minutes, the price is much more attractive than the standard flat rate scenario.  New customers are also welcome to sign up because these plans will appeal to anyone interested in maximum savings on their mobile costs” Lambert continues “ The time to get more out of your mobile service is NOW! Many have heard of our lightning fast mobile internet and seen the amazing speed tests. These new plans give you even more reason to make the switch to Chippie today!”

Available as of Monday, May 9th

The new plans are available at the UTS stores in Philipsburg and Cole Bay where customer service agents are available to answer any questions on the new plans. UTS’ service center is also available for telephone inquiries at +1721 5881010 in weekdays from 8am to 5pm. Customers that have been transitioned to the new plans can also contact the Blue team for assistance directly at extension 2265