20 yrs – 8 yrs – 2,5 yrs in jail and acquittal in Menam case


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The main suspect R.D. in the robbery of Oro Diamante jewelry store on August 5, 2015 was sentenced today to 20 years in jail.

He was found guilty of manslaughter of police officer Gamali Benjamin and intent of manslaughter on police officer Carty. The other main suspect J.L. was sentenced to 8 years in jail for participating in an armed robbery which led to the death of Benjamin.

The suspect M.H.A. was sentenced to 2,5 years in jail for being an accomplice in the armed robbery.

The suspect O.A.C. was acquitted of all charges against him. According to the Court of First Instance it wasn’t legally and convincingly proven that he was an accomplice in the robbery.