WIB Bank MD is a disgrace to the St. Maarten culture and people


~Downes orders removal of ATM machine ~

wib 2aPHILIPSBURG – In the peak of Carnival 2016 season, WIB managing Director Derek Downes ordered the removal of the WIB ATM machine. The removal of the ATM signaled Downes’ refusal to pay the donation of US $15,000 (not $50,000 as was previously stated) the SCDF had asked as a contribution to Carnival activities.

He also made it clear that he would not pay “Stichting Overheids Gebouwen” (SOG), which presides over the Carnival activities, the US $750 for 2 weeks rental of the space where the ATM machine is located in the Festival Village.

A source close to the saga, who asked to remain anonymous, told 721news that Downes prefers to spend more money to remove the ATM machine, and the structure that houses it, because those were past investments made by WIB.

“This is a clear sign of this man’s arrogance, and a clear sign that he doesn’t want anything to do with Carnival or SOG in the near future,” the source stated. “WIB is a family to our Carnival village. It has been so long with us for this man to come and kill a bond that started from Henriques’ and Jan’s days. It’s just sad,” the source lamented.

The source explained to 721news that with this move, Downes has shown that the people and culture of St. Maarten is not a top priority for him. “He just wants our money, and is an arrogant fellow. He is nothing good for St. Maarten. He better go back Barbados with his attitude. He just killed a family relationship bond of WIB bank and the citizen,” the source stated.

As a representative of WIB Bank, a clear message was sent to the people/clients that St. Maarten’s biggest cultural event was unimportant.

Now, whatever bank places a similar machine in this spot will charge all WIB clients a US $5 or less local or international transaction fee.

“Why couldn’t he pay the 14-day rent fee of $750 and break down a donation fee to SCDF?” asked the source rhetorically.

WIB pays rent at other locations, so why was this particular location problematic? Why was such a move of dismantling the ATM booth necessary?

The WIB ATM machine has been at that location since Festival Village opened approximately 8 years ago. The ATM has been in the Carnival Village next to the Police Sub-station when the booths were made from 2×4 plywood and zinc.

wib 1a

Another angry source expressed to 721news that “Derek Downes is showing a very arrogant attitude toward the biggest music festival that St. Maarten has. He is against our people in all aspects. He is against the principle that WIB was founded on. The best thing Government of St. Maarten need to do is revoke his work permit and declare him persona non grata.”

The source continued, “that this could have never happen back in Curaçao during the Festival di Tumba event. Because an issue the mother company Maduro & Curiel’s Bank NV (Main Branch in Curaçao) can just get up and remove an ATM machine from Festival center. Festival di Tumba is the most popular event during Carnival season in Curaçao. Now why they leave this man do this to us in St. Maarten?”

The source felt that an agreement could have been reached to ensure visitors of the Festival Village do not become victims so they can safely withdraw cash from the ATM Machine. Not only is the machine gone, but the absence of such a machine raises safety concerns. Persons wishing to withdraw cash will now have to go to the main branch in Philipsburg, which has 2 ATMs outside and 1 inside. Walking to and from the main branch to the Festival Village in the late evening or early morning hours may encourage attacks, like purse snatching and outright robbery, that otherwise would not have occurred.

Carnival village-001

Now the people of St. Maarten and cruise visitors, who come in the Carnival Village won’t be able to make use of the ATM to withdraw cash. “This man just spoil the new project, this man just don’t care about our event. He prefers to spite and hurt the Carnival season than to work for a better solution,” the source emphasized.

The source asked if the Government of St. Maarten had granted Downes the proper work documents. “How can you come and destroy a man’s biggest culture event and hurt your own clients of the bank you working for?” the source continued angrily.

Without the ATM in the village, a problem will develop for locals and visitors, who come from the cruise ships during the day, and others who come for the shows at night.

Editor’s Note:
Growing up on the island of Curaçao and listening to Lionel “LioPaps” Capriles’ speeches, and knowing the fight he put up to make Maduro & Curiel’s Bank NV the most loving bank within the Dutch Caribbean, it is a shame to see this young anti-social MD destroy the dream of Mr. Lionel “LioPaps” Capriles (father).

The history of Maduro & Curiel’s Bank NV, and the fight that Mr. “LioPaps” Capriles (father) made to get such a loving and caring name within the population of the six Dutch islands, makes me very sad to see how Downes is killing the principles and vision of the most respectable bank in the six Dutch Caribbean islands.

Maybe, it’s time for the Executive Board of Maduro & Curiel’s Bank NV to pay a visit to St. Maarten, and have a chat with the down-to-earth people (clients) and ask how satisfied they are since Jan Beaujon left and Derrick Downes took over!

The Executive Board of Maduro & Curiel’s Bank NV can contact me, so I can express my dissatisfaction with this man’s behavior. As a client of Maduro & Curiel’s Bank NV for over 25 years and knowing what “LioPaps” stands for, and how involved he was with the cultural activities, since I was a boy going school, it’s a shame to see this happen in the middle of the Carnival season.

~Gromyko Wilson ~

Dissatisfied client of WIB St. Maarten and
Owner of 721news.com /721news.tv

Mr. Lionel (Lio) Capriles; a well-known Banker in Curaçao, Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles received his second Venezuelan decoration on July 24, 2010 from the “Sociedad Bolivariana De Curaçao.” Here is a video when he received his first decoration 18 years ago the “Orden Fransisco De Miranda En Su 1’ra Clase”

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