SFPO seeking community support for Non-Violence Resistance Project


PHILIPSBURG – The St. Maarten Foundation For Psychologists and “Orthopedagogen” (SFPO) officials believe that violent and aggressive behavior among the youth is the result of a break-down of parental, educational and community authority, and is therefore determined to spread awareness about ways in which persons can engage with the youth that will lead to better relationships, through its project entitled: Non-Violence Resistance Approach – Restoring Authority. SFPO is seeking the community’s support for the project, which is scheduled to start in May.

“When a child behaves aggressively, the parent or the teacher demands that the child stop the behavior immediately. The adult tries to influence the child’s behavior by talking sternly to or by punishing the child. These acts can lead to a power struggle between the child and the adult making matters worse. As a result of which, parents, teachers and community leaders feel powerless,” the SFPO said in a statement.

The project will focus on helping parents and community leaders fight against aggressive and destructive behaviors in non-violent ways, whereby the following message will be sent to the child: “I will fight against your behavior with all my might, without tearing you down, because it is my duty to create a safe environment for all of us.” Realizing that it is up to the adult to take charge of his/her own behavior, and not that of the child will empower the adult to act in effective ways.

The project needs financial support for the training of persons in this new method. To learn more about the project, and to find out how to donate to this worthy cause, visit the Be the Change website: http://bethechangesxm.com/cause/sxm-foundation-for-psychologists-orthopedagogen/ or visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SFPO-1228235097203008/.