Opening Jump-up for Carnival 2016 a success/ No drinks to be served in bottles


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The opening Jump up for Carnival 2016 was a success. The Jump-up was held on Thursday April 14th 2016 was scheduled to start at 08.00 p.m., but stared approximately 08.30 p.m. The jump up left the Reward area via the L.B. Scot road, Church Hill round about, Bush road, Prins Bernard Bridge, Walter Nisbet road, Salt Picker Round About and ended in front of the Festival Village on the Soualiga Boulevard. The jump up arrived on time for the opening ceremony. The jump up well attended by carnival revelers and onlookers. There were very few report of fights, disturbances or persons miss-conducting themselves in which the police had to intervene.

What the police have noticed along the route of the jump-up is that there were many persons selling drinks and food out of vehicles on the side of the street. Several of these vendors were selling drinks in glass bottles. The police are asking all vendors for safety reasons not to sell drinks in glass bottles and to use plastic cups for that purpose. Not sell alcohol to a minor which is illegal and can cause you a very heavy fine.

Finally the police department wants to thank and congratulate the entire community for their cooperation and good behavior during this jump-up and is looking forward for the same type of cooperation and conduct over the entire carnival season.