Courier detained, large sum of money confiscated



Money confiscated-002PHILIPSBURG – A large sum on money was confiscated on Monday, April 18, when a Colombian money courier was apprehended by members of the St. Maarten Police Force.

A sum of more than US $200,000 dollars was confiscated. The money courier E.S.P. (52) waived all rights to the money and is still in police custody in light of the ongoing investigation.

Yesterday’s seizure materialized even before an “Afpakteam” in St. Maarten became an operational reality. The realization of such an “Afpakteam” on St. Maarten – based upon examples of similar teams in The Netherlands and Curaçao – is imminent.

Criminals earn a lot of money with their illegal activities. An important part of combatting crime is seizing money and goods derived from those criminal activities.