*** UPDATE BVI News *** One of 18 illegal immigrants in hospital


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~Some are from St Maarten….~

BVI boatOne of 18 illegal immigrants in hospital

One of the 18 illegal immigrants apprehended north-east of Tortola yesterday is being treated at Peebles Hospital, according to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

It did not disclose the person’s medical complaint.

The other 17 illegal immigrants are being detained.

Some are from St Maarten and the others are Haitian nationals.

The RVIPF has stated that, at the time local police arrived at the scene, the boat transporting the illegal immigrants was taking on water.

“Police are now assisting immigration with the detention of some 18 illegal immigrants after Police apprehended them on Marina Cay, just northeast of Tortola,” the RVIPF said.

It added, “Of the 18, three are females. Two are believed to be nationals of St Maarten and the other are Haitian nationals. One of the 18 is being treated at Peebles Hospital. The captain and crew of the boat are believed to be among those detained.”

The RVIPF also said investigations are ongoing.

Trafficking 2
Some of the illegal immigrant that was caught on Thursday april 28 in BVI> They are been transported to the main police station in BVI.

First Posted by 721news.com *** BREAKING NEWS *** 

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS – Police and law enforcement from the nearby island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI) are busy investigating a case of Human Trafficking. A captain – said to be from St. Maarten/St. Martin – is in custody along with 15 persons, who tried to enter the BVI illegally.

Authorities started an investigation when 15 people (12 men and 3 women) were found on Marina Cay a nearby BVI island where the boat ran ashore. The 15 persons were arrested, and are being questioned on the details of their boat trip.

There is a large possibility that French and Dutch authorities of St. Maarten and French St. Martin will be part of this investigation. This incident is not uncommon.

Oftentimes, boats leave from the French and Dutch sides to illegally bring persons to the US Virgin Islands. It is also not uncommon that sometimes these trips do not go as planned, and the boats are prevented from arriving at their destination by the Coast Guard.

Sources close to the Dutch Coast Guard confirmed to 721news, that boats are now leaving from French side waters, because persons behind these kinds of operations know that French authorities would not allow the Dutch Coast Guard to enter French waters without their permission.

BVI boat
UPDATE PHOTO: Here you can see the green boat who enter BVI illegally with 15 persons.

This has been an ongoing issue, and the only way to combat this problem is for a real working relationship (agreement) to be negotiated and signed between the Dutch and French Ministers of Defense. Then there will be a real working agreement between the Dutch and French Coast Guards, which will go far in the fight against illegal human trafficking.

No official statement was issued by BVI authorities.