*** BREAKING NEWS *** Another attempt on Kemoy’s life results in shooting


kemoy bikeFRENCH QUARTER, St. Martin — Shots rang out in the district of French Quarter early Friday evening, April 8. Initial reports say that up to six gun shots were heard in the vicinity of Fleming’s Carpet.

It is reported that the shots were directed at a man known as “Kemoy,” who is now said to be in critical condition at the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital. He was transported by private vehicle to the hospital after Friday’s shooting. He had been celebrating his birthday on Friday as well.

It is known that this man had up to two attempts made on his life in the past, which were seemingly gang-related.

Kemoy’s father lost his life in a violent manner, and his body was found in the district of Hope Estate on the Dutch side after a bush fire. It is believed that the father’s body had been dumped there.

Gendarmes, who were observed on the scene of Friday’s shooting, are conducting an investigation into this case of attempted murder.