“HOW TO STOP SHIP JUMPING” Lecture by Julio Romney



Julio Romney
Julio Romney

Great Bay, St. Maarten – On Thursday, February 4th 2016 the Sint Maarten Christian Party (SMCP) will be hosting a free lecture on electoral reform and specifically on the topic of Ship Jumping at the University of St. Martin, starting at 7:30 pm. Ship jumping in Parliament is the main reason why Sint Maarten has had five governments in five years which has led to instability in government, in our economy and in our society as a whole. Everybody is of the opinion that ship jumping must be stopped. But the big question is, how?

Mr. Romney is offering a concrete and immediate solution to stop ship jumping by amending a few articles in the Election Ordinance. In an effort to inform the people and to offer more clarity on the topic of ship jumping, the SMCP has asked Mr. Romney to share his knowledge and expertise pertaining to electoral reform and how to put an immediate end to ship jumping in the Parliament of Sint Maarten.

Mr. Romney, son of the soil, studied in Canada and in the United States. He is a political analyst and social science researcher in the field of Comparative Government and Politics and he has done a lot of political research on Sint Maarten.

The SMCP hereby extends an invitation to all voters, the entire population of Sint Maarten and the media to embrace this opportunity to be informed on this topic. A lively discussion concerning the controversial topic of ship jumping will follow. Through this lecture the Sint Maarten Christian Party seeks to continue serving you the people of Sint Maarten for a change.

For more information concerning the lecture or the Sint Maarten Christian Party kindly email us at Serve4aChange@gmail.com or call the Board’s President at 580-9474 or the Secretary at 522-5803 or 523-3858.