InselAir paving its way to the future


~InselAir continues to provide passenger safe and affordable air transportation to destinations within the Pan American region. ~

Willemstad, Curacao —
InselAir has overcome the operational challenges that it recently faced and is paving the way to the future by adding new destinations, more services and adding 4 aircraft to its fleet. InselAir appreciates the loyalty, understanding and support that most of the passengers have shown to the local airline during this period.

Safety first
Safety is and will always be the main priority at InselAir. Therefore InselAir has its own licensed maintenance and engineering teams that take care of our fleet of 19 aircraft and are all our pilots and crew well-trained.

InselAir has been carrying the IOSA-certification since 2011 which means that InselAir complies with all international safety & security standards of our industry”, says Albert Kluyver, Chief Executive Officer of InselAir.

All InselAir’s aircraft and its engines are carefully being monitored by InselAir’s own licensed maintenance and engineering teams through an engine trend monitoring program with assistance from the engine and/or aircraft manufacturers.

The flight operations and phases are followed through a flight data monitoring system. Furthermore, crew and pilots spent many hours in flight simulators training for various emergency procedures. These are only some of the procedures that InselAir, and many other airlines, have in place in regards to safety.

It is for a reason that global air transport has become the safest mode of transport in the world.

Operating from an island

To always be in compliance with the safety standards all airlines around the world have to deal with general maintenance and/or specific reparations in case of technical problems, which is inevitable in our industry.

In the case of InselAir, having our home-base on an island, it comes with certain extra challenges. This becomes even more evident when an aircraft has technical issues outside our home base. For instance; it takes longer to get spare parts and local or external licensed technicians to the destination in which the aircraft is stranded.

To cover this InselAir has its own maintenance facility and teams to quickly act in case of maintenance or repair work. Also, InselAir has a supply of spare parts and it is InselAir’s policy to always have a back-up aircraft ready to continue operations if an aircraft must be taken out of operations.

However, in the past 3 weeks InselAir has faced multiple AOG’s (Aircraft in Ground) which occurred simultaneously in 2 different locations outside of Curacao. Even with all the aforementioned plans and procedures in place, it was very challenging to maintain a smooth flight schedule and this has led unfortunately to delays.

InselAir has managed to resolve the technical and operational challenges by ordering the necessary spare-parts and by sending those together with the licensed maintenance team to the aircraft. After all the maintenance work was successfully conducted and testing procedures were carried out, both aircraft have been put back into operations last week.

Even when lightning struck a bridge at Curacao Airport last Saturday and found its way to one of our aircraft, we have managed to have this aircraft in the air quickly again.

Moving into the future
Next year InselAir expects to transport 1.4 million passengers through its hubs on Aruba and in Curacao.

We take our role in the economy of Curacao, which is currently 10% of the GDP, and other islands very seriously and we are looking forward to contribute even more to the prosperity of the ABC-islands by providing more jobs, more destinations and more inbound leisure and business travel’, says Heerenveen.

InselAir also expects to add at least 4 more destinations to its route network in 2016 and also 4 more aircraft are planned to be added to the fleet. Furthermore, more partnerships with other airlines are being established which will result in more destinations for its passengers.

As of December 2, 2015, InselAir, in cooperation with 3 US tour operators, has started operating charter flights from Miami to 4 destinations in Cuba. These destinations are Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, Havana and Holguin.

Flights will vary from 1 flight per day up to 9 flights per day which are only available for USA and Cuban citizens. Via InselAir’s website InselAir will provide more information about the future plans.