The Democratic Party persists in challenging the decree of the ousted UP/Gumbs cabinet.


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — We have heard of many advices from far and near regarding the decision of the ousted UP/Gumbs government to dissolve parliament and call a new election.

As I have stated before, the actual decree formalizing the government’s decision (LB – 15/0992) is full of holes, but does provide a glimpse of government’s true intentions for the people of St. Maarten.

According to the UP/Gumbs government, elections will be their mandate to carry out far reaching decisions of a financial economic nature. What these decisions are, is any-one’s guess.

Until the UP/Gumbs Cabinet explains to the people what these measures are, I will presume  that these measures are taxes, unless proven otherwise. And if I am wrong, I stand to be corrected.

However, with all the advices,  the Gumbs cabinet has not once stated what their internal Legal Affairs department has advised them with respect to this infamous decree of government to dissolve parliament.

How will we find out if there is such an advice and what it states?

Making use of the provisions provided in the ordinance Open Government ( yes, we do have such an ordinance), I have submitted the following request to government:

The undersigned, Sarah Wescot-Williams, making use of the provisions of the national  ordinance Open Government, hereby requests you to urgently  provide me  with the  advice(s) rendered by the Department of Legal Affairs to the council of ministers of St. Maarten in relation to the captioned decree (LB – 15/0951).

Note: LB 15/0951 was replaced by LB 15/0992.

In my opinion, the obligation to respond to requests from citizens on the basis of this ordinance is stronger than the obligation of government to respond to members of parliament. That is why I have chosen this route. I eagerly await government’s response.



S.A. Wescot-Williams