Organizers call on all educators to register for the C-TEC conference


Vast majority of teachers signed up; some still need to choose workshops

Cul de Sac – The first Technology and Education Conference (C-TEC) will take place on November 12 and 13 at Milton Peters College. The goal of the two-day conference is to bring together all educators from primary and secondary schools to exchange ideas and experience on the use of technology in the classroom. It is now of vital importance that all remaining Sint Maarten teachers register, and that all who already registered go back on line to choose the workshops they want to attend.

Days before the start of the event, already more than eighty percent of Sint Maarten educators are enrolled in the conference. This is equal to some 750 participants, making the event a success before it even started. However, it is important that the remaining teachers sign up too; all schools are closed for the occasion and the students forego a day of classes to enable their teachers to attend. The C-TEC organizing committee calls upon all who registered to remind their colleagues and where necessary, offer assistance with the on-line registration process.

The program for the conference has now been finalized. More than one hundred workshops are available, covering all topics imaginable in the field of technology in education. Two thirds of the registered participants made their workshop choice known; the remaining persons need to go back on line and take their pick! “The sooner you go on line to make your choice, the greater the chance the topics you are interested in, are still available. Out of the 102 workshops, one third is already fully booked, and the rest is filling up quickly as well!”

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