Visitors to the House of Parliament must report to the Reception Desk


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – The House of Parliament is open to the general public. Visitors to the House must first report to the Reception Desk in order to be assisted.

For persons visiting the House of Parliament which is not related to the attendance of a Plenary or Central Committee meeting, who either have an appointment with a Member of Parliament (MP) or not, must present themselves at the Reception Desk in the building of the Parliament, Wilhelmina Street # 1, Philipsburg.

Here they are asked to identify themselves by means of a valid Identification Card (ID, Driver’s License, Passport). Using the identification, the personal data of visitor(s), the time of the visit as well as the departure time are recorded by the desk attendant.

The identification document will be held by the attendant until the person completes their visit. This measure is to ensure that at all times it is known who at a certain point in time is in the Parliament building.

The faction staff of the MP concerned is informed by the desk attendant that there is a visitor in the reception hall.

Visitors are allowed to wait in the lobby for up to 30 minutes for an MP. If the MP has not arrived after the 30 minutes, then the visitor is requested to make a new appointment with the MP concerned through the faction staff. An MP may receive visitors in his own office or faction room.