**UPDATE ** Stolen car ring was busted


UPDATE (12:00 Oct 26th)

Police located numerous stolen vehicles

Based on a tip, the police department is presently busy investigating in case regarding numerous stolen vehicles. This tip led the investigating officers, on Friday October 23rd at approximately 04.00 p.m., to a garage located on the Bush road.

During the investigation 19 vehicles were located which are probably stolen. Several patrols were sent to the scene to assist in this investigation. Thus far five persons have been arrested as suspect in this investigation.

All the vehicles in question along with a large amount of vehicle parts were confiscated and taken to a safe location for further investigation.

Several towing trucks were called in the to assist in the transporting of these vehicles.


PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – A stolen car ring was busted by the police on Friday afternoon on the Bush Road.

A contingent of police officers could be seen departing their headquarters in Philipsburg Friday afternoon and headed towards the bush road, to a location behind Discount Furniture Store where a garage is located.

The police who are thought to have acted on a tip, found over 10 cars believed to have been stolen. A number of lose parts were also discovered and confiscated as this investigation begins.

More information on this discovery can be expected at the start of next week.