Port St. Maarten’s Mobile Gottwald Crane Largest in the North Eastern Caribbean Operational

Model 6 Crane in Full Operation
The Terex Gottwald Model 6 Crane in operation at Port St. Maarten.

PORT ST. MAARTEN – On October 13th, the newly acquired Terex Gottwald Model 6 Crane from Germany, completed its commissioning process and went into full operation on October 15th completing another mile stone for Port St. Maarten Group of Companies. The crane arrived on the island at the end of August.

The crane offloaded containers from the Motor Vessel CMA CGM Marfret Guyane under the operation of Senior Crane Operator and Crane Supervisor Romeo Gumbs.  Port St. Maarten Management, Staff and personnel from SSS Stevedoring Company, were very pleased with the effectiveness and efficiency of the new Terex Gottwald Model 6 Crane.

Port St. Maarten now possesses the largest mobile crane – Terex Gottwald Model 6 – in the North Eastern Caribbean.  It is part and parcel of the operations at the cargo section of the Dr. A.C. Wathey Cruise & Cargo Facility.

Port St. Maarten Management would like to thank customers and stakeholders for their support during the transitional phase from upgrading from the older version crane to the latest sophisticated Model 6.

RBC Royal Bank provided the financing for the new crane.  The cargo section at Port St. Maarten is a 24/7 operation, and provides a large part of the revenues generated by the Port.

After arrival at the end of August, assembly efforts started immediately by Germany Gottwald technicians on-site and Port St. Maarten Gottwald certified crane experts. Gottwald Engineers from Dusseldorf, Germany, remained onsite and have been closely monitoring the operation of the new crane since it commenced on October 15th, and are very pleased with the performance.

The engineers are now working with Port St. Maarten maintenance team conducting tutorial sessions about all crane operations and explaining in detail about the mechanical parts with respect to the upgrade from the older to newer version.

Port St. Maarten sold its 14-year old HMK 260E Gottwald known as Crane 1 to a group in Mexico via broker Pacific Handling Systems Inc.

The acquisition of the Terex Gottwald Model 6 Mobile Harbour Crane and the additional Bromma spreaders will bolster Port St. Maarten’s position and continue to expand its cargo related activities and foot print within the North Eastern Caribbean region.

By trading in the older version Model 4 Gottwald Crane for a newer Model 6 crane with an outreach of 15 across and load capacities of 125t, Port St. Maarten will be able to properly accommodate and continue to grow its foot print within the north eastern Caribbean region.

The Terex Gottwald Model 6 harbour crane is high performance for higher handling rates, and is part of the large crane family from Terex Port Solutions.  The crane can be used on ships up to post-Panamax and Capesize Bulker class.

The Model 6 crane is equipped with the technical and ergonomic functions and features required to improve productivity, environmental compatibility and facilitate operation to boost economical and sustainable cargo handling in ports and terminals.  Port St. Maarten crane staff is already trained in using this model of crane.

Over the years Port St. Maarten has invested significantly in Cargo, where infrastructure, dredging, and upgrading of Cranes are concerned; training of staff leading to six local certified operators and supervisors.

With increasing cargo volumes especially related to transshipment where enormous growth opportunity exist, brings about a good feeling for port officials.

Port St. Maarten cargo facility investments have led to a steady growth in containerized business making the island a regional sub-hub for the North Eastern Caribbean.

Port St. Maarten serves the islands of Anguilla, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, and Antigua & Barbuda.  The port is also in the process of developing a special relationship with the Caribbean Netherlands islands of Saba and St. Eustatius with respect to port handling, operations, economic development and sustainability.  Both islands receive their cargo shipments/services from Port St. Maarten.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Port St. Maarten staff, stevedores and Chief Executive Officer Mark Mingo celebrating the first successful operation of the Model 6 Crane.