Port St. Maarten contributes logistically towards the transportation of French Sea Rescue Boat SNS129 to France for Repairs


PORT ST. MAARTEN – St. Martin Sea Rescue boat “Notre Dame de la Garoupe,” SNS129, will be shipped to France onboard the CMA CGM Fort St. Louis Cargo Motor Vessel (MV) on October 12 where it will undergo repairs.

The French side Sea Rescue boat suffered severe damage in October 2014 with the passing of Hurricane Gonzalo.

Port St. Maarten management is very pleased that it could contribute towards making this on-going effort as the Sea Rescue Services of both sides of the island play a very important role to mariners.

Several companies have contributed to the covering of transportation and other logistical costs of the vessel via inland/coastal waters and across the Atlantic Ocean, namely, St. Maarten Crane Company, SSS Intermar Stevedoring Company, and CMA CGM Container Shipping Group.

Sea Rescue Boat SNS129 being prepared to be loaded on Cargo Vessel-001
SNS129 being loaded onboard CMA CGM Midas MV by a Port St. Maarten Mobile Gottwald Crane in preparation for its journey to Guadeloupe earlier this week.

The Sea Rescue boat was lifted on top of a barge in the Simpson Bay Lagoon and transported to Port St. Maarten cargo facilities where it was lifted onboard the CMA CGM Midas Motor Vessel by the ports Mobile Gottwald Crane to be transported to Guadeloupe.

Port St. Maarten management is looking forward to seeing SNS129 return to the waters of Sint Maarten/St. Martin where it will be on 24-hour standby to assist any mariners in distress.

PHOTO CUTLINE: SNS129 being loaded onto a barge in the Simpson Bay Lagoon in preparation to being transported to Port St. Maarten Cargo Facilities.