P.S.V.E student released ! She will have to wear an electronic bracelet for three months

Aygeleyn Bregita

A Brigita (1)Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — Academy P.S.V.E student A.B. (minor) has been released from police custody and now has to adhere to several conditions set forth by the Public Prosecutor.

On Friday October 16 in St. Peters near a Chinese restaurant. B. was involved in a fight with a man, she pulled out a knife as seen on a Facebook video gone viral and has about 30,000 views.

Police arriving on the scene later, tried to talk to the student however a struggle took place and the youngster was shackled by police and arrested on the spot.

After staying in jail for a couple of days, the minor was sent home with several conditions from the Judge of Instructions.

 She will have to wear an electronic bracelet for three months and go to different anger management classes supervised by the court of guardianship.

The minor is a first time offender and the jail time was suspended for now until she would be charged as a minor in court. Public Prosecutor Karola van Nie told 721news that there will be a court date but for now her detention is suspended.

No word yet on the charges that will be brought against B. however she is free to go to school and work on her anger issues for now.