PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The opposition (DP and NA) in Parliament has not taken the postponement of the meeting they requested, lightly.

This meeting was requested to debate the government’s intention for the dump site in Philipsburg and was convened for Wednesday, September 9th. The opposition agreed with the proposal of the Chairperson of Parliament to hold the meeting on Wednesday, which would have been later than within the 4 days, stipulated by law.

Pond Island Dump
Pond Island Dump

Reasons relayed by the Chairperson  were:

  • The absence of the Prime Minister, Minister Vromi a.i.
  • The closing and opening of Parliament.
  • The swearing in of the new ministers.

All valid reasons for us to agree to the Wednesday date.

Lo and behold, on Tuesday afternoon we received notification of the meeting’s postponement until further notice, “due to illness of the Minister of Housing, Spatial  Planning, Environment and infrastructure” (VROMI).

Today MP, Sarah Wescot-Williams, have informed the Chairperson that this postponement until further notice is illegal, due to the stipulation that a duly requested urgent meeting should be held within 4 days.

Capitulating to the government’s agenda, whatever that  agenda may be, will not be accepted. The Government has to explain what the role of successive Ministers of VROMI has been in furthering the solution to the nation’s garbage woes over the years.