Four caught in Massive Drug Haul

Left Karla Joanna Doeman, (23) of Hanover and right McLean Noel Joahill (56) of Westmoreland;

ANTIGUA — The police continue to make significant inroads into the illicit drugs trade throughout the island. As recent as Monday morning, the Police uprooted well over two thousand Cannabis plants in Glanvilles.

The Police Rapid Response Unit spearheaded Monday’s operation, which netted two thousand, five hundred Cannabis plants from two separate fields. The plants were taken into custody pending further investigations.

This recent haul fell right at the heels of a massive drugs bust in Hodges Bay, where over two thousand pounds of Cannabis, two firearms with matching ammunition, and large sums of EC and US Currencies were sized.

The police also seized a motor van and a speed boat involved in the incident.

2 Glanvilles-drug-bust
Craig O’Neal Johnson, (31) of Westmoreland and Sidique Kirmani Reid, (31) of St. James.

Presently, a number of interrogations are being conducted in connection with four Jamaican nationals held in custody; namely

  • McLean Noel Joahill (56) of Westmoreland;
  • Karla Joanna Doeman, (23) of Hanover;
  • Craig O’Neal Johnson, (31) of Westmoreland
  • Sidique Kirmani Reid, (31) of St. James.

Possibilities of Money Laundering Charges are also imminent, as financial investigations are also launched into the matter.

The police in their quest to stem the flow of illegal drugs in and out of the country, as well as to rid the country of illegal firearms and ammunition, have to date seized millions of dollars’ worth of drugs, and have also removed well over twenty firearms and approximately two thousand rounds of ammunition off the streets.

Source Antigua Chronicle