Eye4weather Update: Partly Cloudy & HOT with slight chance of a brief shower


By eye4weather

Local Weather
Partly Cloudy & HOT with slight chance of a brief shower.

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  • Winds: are from the south-east at 2 to 10 miles per hour.
  • Seas: Gentle with wave heights up to 3 feet.

Special Weather 
Fred is still a tropical storm, yet remains no threat to the Caribbean and is still spinning in the far Eastern Atlantic.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic…

The tropical disturbance just off the coast of Africa continues to show signs of developing into a tropical cyclone (i.e. depression or storm) within the next few days. It has a high (80%) chance in 48 hours and medium (90%) chance in 5 days. If it further develops into a tropical storm, it will be named Grace.
We will continue to monitor its progress.

Sunday’s Weather Preview
Fair Skies, HOT Temps, and Generally Dry.